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“Copyleft” in Arabic – خروق التأليف والنشر! بالعربي

March 28, 2013

The term “Copyright” is translated into Arabic as either (1) “The rights of publishing and authoring”, or (2) “The rights of copying and authoring”. In Arabic (read right-to-left):

1) حقوق النشر والتأليف – 2) حقوق النسخ والتأليف

Both Arabic terms start with the meaning of “Rights” which start with the sixth alphabetic Arabic letter (which sounds like the letter H in English, as a common convention). The sixth alphabetic Arabic letter is:


The “C” letter has the closet look to our letter, as you can see, which is flippable just as “C” is. So, the graphical express of “Copyleft” is done; See the photo:


The dilemma is the terminological express. But since, “left” (in Copyleft) is not a reference to the verb “leave”, then the common Arabic term “Left Rights” is incorrect (even on the page:, where the chosen Arabic word refers to nothing but to the verb “leave):

حقوق متروكة

If I will choose to use the opposite direction to left, then it will be “Rights of the Pink/Pinkish!”, which is completely political or dogmatical, and holds a radicalism meaning. And it could be fine (especially for dear Mr. RMS;), but it looses completely the pun on (1) or (2) original Arabic meanings of “Copyright”, in Arabic:

حقوق اليسار, أو حقوق يسارية

That left me to work on the “rightful” meaning of “Right!” word which is the bottom of line, I think. And the only good pun I can find is “Copy Violations” (Infringe Copyrights). If the first word of (1) and (2) original Arabic meanings of “Copyright” is (almost) pronounced “Hokok” (Rights), then “Violations” is pronounced “Khorok”. And “Copyleft” in Arabic will be either:

1) خروق التأليف والنشر

2) خروق التأليف والنسخ

Both those Arabic terms start with the seventh alphabetic Arabic letter:



[Mar 29, 2013] After a “discussion” about how appropriate “violations” will be? , I came with another suggestion; the phrase “Copyright (c) <YEAR>” is both commonly and officially expressed as and/or followed by “All Rights Reserved”. So, we could use the “All Rights REVERSED” and “REVERSED Rights” expressions for the “Copyleft” translation into Arabic”.

جميع الحقوق معكوسة حقوق معكوسة

And that will truly represent the “Copyleft” idea. For examples:

the sentence: “If you would like to copyleft your work”, will be translated as “If you would like to REVERSE your works’s Rights”. And that’s will be better than “If you would like to LEAVE your work’s Rights”.

 NOTE: I am not promoting a term nor translation rather than I make a possible start line to the Arabic Free Software community (and “free” is a matter of freedom).

P.S. Since the content of this article is concerning ideas that was created and maintained by GNU and FSF, both GNU and FSF are welcomed to control this article. And, hey, if a “special character” for “Copyright” is available in almost every font, then why there is no “Copyleft” one even in GNU’ free font?


بعد قراءة الصفحة المعنونة ما هي الحقوق المتروكة؟” ( أظن أننا بحاجة لإيجاد بديل عن مصطلح حقوق متروكةيعاكس مصطلح حقوق النشر/النسخ والتأليف“. وأنا أقترح خروق النشر/النسخ والتأليف”.

تنص الصفحة أن الكلمة ”ترك“ في ”الحقوق المتروكة“ لا تشير إلى الفعل ”ينبذ“ — فقط في اتجاه عكس ”النشر“.” ولكننا كعرب نعرف أن النبذ هو الترك وهذا تصريح غير صائب.

طالما أنهم في غنو قد عكسوا كلمة حقوقفلماذا لا نعمل على ذلك بدل المحافظة عليها في المصطلحات المحتملة: (حقوق متروكة, حقوق اليسار, حقوق يسارية …).

ولذا أقترح استخدام مصطلح “خروق النشر والتأليف”.

<29 آذار 2013> بعد مناقشة كم هو ملائم استخدام مصطلح “انتهاكات”! خرجت باقتراح جديد وهو استخدام مصطلح “حقوق معكوسة” بدلاً من “متروكة” وبذلك نحصل على المعنى الحقيقي من اجل “Copyleft” مستخدمين تورية لفظية لتعبير “كافة الحقوق محفوظة” ليصبح “كافة الحقوق معكوسة” (Reserved > Reversed).

أكتفي بهذا القدر إلى حين بدء مناقشة.